Plumbing works

We perform various types of plumbing work: replacement of pipes, installation of plumbing, baths, showers, toilets and sanitary appliances.

Tile works

Work with tiles at a highly professional level. Arrangement of bathrooms and their repair.

Laying of floor covering

We carry out laying of parquet, laminate. Linoleum and carpet flooring.

We carry out redevelopment

We perform dismantling of walls, partitions and erect new ones. We cut holes in concrete structures.

Installation of suspended ceilings

We perform works on installation of suspended ceilings from drywall. Installation of a lattice frame that contains a metal profile, and further fastening of drywall slabs to it. We build both single-level and interesting multi-level ceiling structures. We perform work on projects of our designers or on the customer's project.

Facade works

We carry out a full cycle of work in stages: reinforcement, alignment of walls, soil before applying the finishing solution, applying the finishing color solution, a protective layer from dampness (but passes air). All plastering works are carried out only with proven materials.

Home project development

Our architects will design your ideal home for You! And our designers will help you create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in it, create an individual interior design!

Concrete work

We carry out work on pouring concrete floors, stairs, and the Foundation of the house.

Roofing work

Replacement of roofs, complete replacement with a new one, replacement of rafters, roof insulation, crate, wind waterproofing.


Laying Foundation blocks, internal walls, building houses from blocks. Facing with decorative bricks of the street walls of the house.

Furniture manufacturing

We make custom kitchen furniture, cabinets.

Production of wooden stairs

Manufacturing of of wooden stairs in house.

Welding and metal structures

We carry out welding works, as well as create any structures made of metal.

We will do the job quickly and efficiently!

We will draw up a contract and an estimate. 
All works are performed with the necessary documents and certificates.

We provide guarantees for all types of work from 2 to 5 years.

We will be glad to see You among our clients!



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