Housing prices in the metropolitan area of Finland have continued to rise. Low lending rates, as well as rates of economic growth in Finland contributes to the activity in housing construction is also constantly growing.
The interaction model, which suggested by Ambulance Building Oy Company, offer a complex solution. Our approach provides a higher return and reliability than bank deposits, as well as many other types of investment. The interaction scheme doesn’t require constant and personal involvement of the investor in the management of activities. Specialists of Ambulance Building Oy Company carry out all questions about daily administrative and commercial activities independently. This type of investment is suitable for active investors, who focused on the quick sale of the object and the earliest possible profit.
Our offer for investors is to invest liquid land plots, capital construction projects, residential buildings and commercial real estate in the metropolitan area of Finland. The amount of investment is depending on the wishes and capabilities of the investor. The average return on investment is 6-20% per 1 business cycle, which takes 8-12 months.

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